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Jerry Roxas, Owner of Jerry Roxas PhotographySan Diego photography, videography and entertainment services provider Jerry Roxas Photography, Videography & Entertainment is a boutique, full service studio offering his San Diego and Las Vegas clients the very best experiences in capturing unique, creative, emotional, artistic and energized moments. We are a 5 star rated, Top Pro provider that has been hired over 500 times in San Diego alone. And we do it all with state-of-the-art, top-notch equipment that our clients can rely on time after time.

As a photographic artist, Jerry Roxas is anything but your average portrait photographer; he stands apart from other photographers through his unique approach to portrait photography and his utmost attention towards his clients’ experience in working with Jerry Roxas Photography, Videography & Entertainment. Best known for his fusion style of photojournalism and modern portraiture, this San Diego portrait photographer lets your emotions and personality unfold naturally in front of the lens. Through various scenarios & techniques, his vision is always apparent: documenting you, your emotions, your relationships, and your specific moments. And that’s exactly what Jerry Roxas Photography, Videography & Entertainment is all about: Feeling, Capturing and Sharing What Matters to You.

As his business has grown, Jerry Roxas has searched for, developed and incorporated a broad team of extremely talented and gifted indivuals who are committed to providing the same level of quality and service that Jerry Roxas Photography, Videography & Entertainment clients have come to expect. Each of his team members are required to work side by side with Jerry Roxas for a very specific number of assignments BEFORE being allowed to represent his studio. This is to ensure that his team members are well versed in their trade, are able to capture the Jerry Roxas Photography, Videography & Entertainment vision, and can provide our clients with the ultimate experience. In addition, ALL final images are edited personally by Jerry Roxas himself, to ensure his clients get exactly what they pay for.

Jerry Roxas Photography specializes in capturing individual portraits, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, maternity, children, graduations and special events, including providing high quality DJ/emcee services, music and lighting. We have the equipment and team to handle multiple, large scale engagements concurrently, so no job is too big or too small. We are a full time, fully insured, professional photography, videography and entertaiment studio offering services to all of San Diego and Las Vegas, as well as destinations worldwide (additional travel charges apply). To view a full list of photography and videography services offered, please click here.

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Whether it’s ancient pyramids, colonial style homes, modern skyscrapers, or buildings long since abandoned and nearly forgotten… architecture tells us a wonderful story of where we’ve been.

View Architecture Photos by Jerry Roxas Photography

Black & Whites.

Taking it back to where it all started. Not only are black and white photos a nod to to the beginning of photography, but they can also be a powerful tool to creative expression.

View Black & White Photos by Jerry Roxas Photography



Color Splash.

Adding a little color to a black and white photo is a creative technique to add a little power and punch to an image. It lets in the beauty of the whole image, but focuses the attention and message on the primary subject.

View Color Splash Photos by Jerry Roxas Photography

Composites & Headshots.

Professional headshot and composite photos are a great way to maintain a consistent brand. With professional composite photos by Jerry Roxas Photography, we’ll make sure all of your composites maintain the same depth, lighting and perspective – ensuring a uniform brand wherever your members composite photos are displayed.

View Headshot Photos by Jerry Roxas Photography




Engagements are a momentous occasion that should be captured and shared with friends and family! Taking photos that reflect true love are some of my favorite photos to take.

View Engagement Photos by Jerry Roxas Photography


Photography has long been the method of choice to record our life’s events… as they provide a tangible connection to moments that are long since gone.

View Event Photos by Jerry Roxas Photography




Instagram provided the world with a way to instantly share our favorite meals with our friends, regardless of whether or not they were at the table with us. And thus, the fascination of food porn was born.

View Food Photos by Jerry Roxas Photography


At first there were camcorders, then cell phones with cameras, then smartphones that could take short video clips, and now there’s GoPro. Smaller, more powerful, and waterproof to boot, allowing us to capture virtually any moment and make it a permanent memory.

View GoPro Photos by Jerry Roxas Photography




Whether its a promotion, a step from adolescence into young adulthood, or the culmination of your formal education, graduations are rare and momentous occasions!

View Graduation Photos by Jerry Roxas Photography


Landscape photography gives us a view of a pure, unsullied vision of the world that exists but is so often taken for granted or unseen. Whether its a photo of nature or urban settings, it opens our eyes and draws us to that place and moment.

View Landscapes Photos by Jerry Roxas Photography




Life moves pretty fast, and sometimes you need to just freeze that moment and remember it always. Lifestyle photography is just that, freezing life’s moments!

View Lifestyle Photos by Jerry Roxas Photography

Light Painting.

This is a fun and creative way of expressing yourself that also lets you collaborate with others. One of the things we love most about light painting is that the end result is always different…no two images are ever the same!

View Light Painting Photos by Jerry Roxas Photography



Long Exposure.

One of the more challenging types of photos to take, as you are capturing more than just a single moment in time… long shutter photography takes a tremendous amount of patience, but the end result is so worth it.

View Long Exposure Photos by Jerry Roxas Photography


People watching without all the motion, noise and activity. Good portraits can tell you much about a person, their demeanor, what they’re feeling, and sometimes even what they believe in.

View Portraits Photos by Jerry Roxas Photography



Product Shoots.

Product shoots are fun because you never know what you’re going to get! These shoots really challenge us as photographers because we have to create a composition that makes the product as enticing as possible to those who see it.

View Product Shoot Photos by Jerry Roxas Photography


Often considered a subset of landscape photography, the images are powerful and inspiring enough to demand their own artistic category and following. The vast and mystifying oceans truly represent a whole other world.

View Seascapes Photos by Jerry Roxas Photography




Fast paced, non-stop, and in the moment. A good sports photo can put you on the field, tasting the victory and feeling the pain, regardless of whether or not the subject is professional or amateur.

View Sports Photos by Jerry Roxas Photography

Street Scenes.

This is a relatively broad category of photography, as it can cover anything from street art and performers, to farmers markets and artistic expressions of metropolitan skylines. We love this category though, because it demonstrates that there is beauty virtually everywhere!

View Street Scenes Photos by Jerry Roxas Photography




Nothing is photographed more, which is probably one of the reasons why they call it the golden hour. One of the greatest things about sunsets is that you have a chance to shoot them literally every day (well, almost, depending on where you live)!

View Sunset Photos by Jerry Roxas Photography


Weddings are a magical, once in a lifetime moment that should be captured and treasured forever. As a photographer, I’m blessed to witness many wedding ceremonies!

View Wedding Photos by Jerry Roxas Photography




An amazing way to illustrate who we share this world with, providing us with a brief glimpse of what its like when mankind was and is not around.

View Wildlife Photos by Jerry Roxas Photography


If digital images are great, then live action videos are even more amazing! Nowadays, there’s so much you can do creatively with video, such as capture candid moments as they happen, memorialize special moments forever, and even extract still images from your video!

View Videography Projects by Jerry Roxas Photography



Drones & Aerial Footage.

Drones represent a new level of art, giving photographers access to angles and shots that were previously unattainable. Relatively new and in the process of being regulated, for the most part drone photography is still uncharted waters.

View Drone Photos by Jerry Roxas Photography


Choosing the right DJ/Emcee coupled with the right music and lighting can really set the mood for your big event, and will definitely help make it memorable! Check out everything that Jerry Roxas Entertainment can offer to make the most of your special day!

View Photos of Jerry Roxas Entertainment