Myrtle Creek Botanical Garden by Jerry Roxas Photography

07/52 – Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens, Fallbrook

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07/52 – Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens, Fallbrook, California. Located in northern San Diego, Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens offers a beautiful, outdoor setting with some gorgeous rustic scenery for individual portraits, family and newborn shoots alike. A fully functioning nursery, they also have a quaint cafe and offer small event hosting, including parties and weddings. Even though it’s a bit of a drive, it can be well worth it if you’re into quite, natural settings in your compositions. Be sure to check their website first though (link is above), as they do charge for professional photography shoots.

I was able to capture a few of the natural locations during my time at the Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens while exploring their acres of pathways and rustic buildings. While exploring, I found quite a few older cars and tractors sprinkled between the barns and outhouses, as well as a beautiful archway (which they use for weddings). They were even setting up a small, outdoor location for a private baby shower, and it was gorgeous! In between my expedition, I stopped in and ordered a basket lunch from the cafe (and yes, it actually came in a basket!) that contained a delicious salad, sandwhich and apple!

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