Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery by Jerry Roxas Photography

10/52 – Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, Point Loma

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10/52 – Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, Point Loma, California. I chose to shoot here at the last minute, as my plan was to capture the tidepools and lighthouse at the Cabrillo National Monument today (right next door to the cemetery), but unfortunately (or fortunately!), the overcast and fog really hindered my compositions there, so I visited the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery instead. This was my first time visiting here, and the fog rolling in really gave this shoot a solemn and surreal feeling. I’ve always been interested and forever thankful to the stories and lives of those who had sacrificed so much for America, and walking around reading the headstones really touched me. So many neatly aligned rows, well manicured and cared for, quietly and majestically overlooking the glorious views of Point Loma. As I read the names, dates and services of each fallen hero, I could only imagine and hear the stories of the lives they lead. It was a very humbling experience.

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in the United States. Its ground are technically full, and they rarely accept new internments. This is not the place to capture portraits, but rather to honor and respect those who served our great county with powerful and telling images dedicated to their great sacrifices.

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  1. Dan Sifuentes

    Cool photos. I’ve been to this cemetery but it looks bigger in your photos than in real life. Maybe the fog is helping in that regard.

    1. Author
      Jerry Roxas

      I was actually surprised at how large the cemetery was. Very humbling experience, my friend. I wish it were a bit more sunny for some better images, but I think the fog ads a bit to the mystique of the graves. I’ll definitely be back!

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