Hospital Reef in La Jolla by Jerry Roxas Photography

11/52 – Hospitals Reef, La Jolla

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11/52 – Hospitals Reef, La Jolla, California. Although I’m a born and raised San Diego native, I’ve never actually been to Hospitals Reef before (go figure). That’s one of the great things I love about my new found profession, passion and hobby. It takes me to places I’ve never been before!

Hospitals Reef (also known as Hospital Beach) is located just south of La Jolla Cove. Only street parking is available, so during the summer days parking will be tight, so be prepared for a long walk! The beach itself is covered with beautiful rocks and receives some nice, crashing waves, creating some beautiful composition shots for long exposure, seascape buffs like myself. If you read all the blogs, you’ll see that Hospitals Reef is a favorite for local photographers, so be prepared to see a lot of amateur and professional photographers out there (I was one of five early this morning!). Although I shot there in the earlying morning hours today, I would imagine that the sunset from Hospital Beach is quite amazing, and the sandy beaches coupled with the rocky landscape would provide some amazing composition ideas for engagement and small family portraits!

This morning was slightly cloudy, which I prefer to diffuse the natural SoCal sunlight. Since I wanted to capture some motion in my shots this morning, I wanted a slow shutter speed, so in addition to cranking up my apperture, I added a Hoya ND8 filter to my NIKKOR 24-120 lens.

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