Geisel Library at UCSD Shot From the Edge by Jerry Roxas Photography

Geisel Library, UCSD, La Jolla

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Geisel Library at UCSD is an architectural marvel, and if you search online you’ll find thousands of photos of this beautiful structure. Although I have two sisters that have graduated from UCSD, I’ve never taken the time to photograph the library! Today, I decided to kill two birds (three if you count Shot From the Edge) with one stone… take my first ever HDR photos, and photograph Geisel Library!

Putting my own little twist on the structure, I took these photos from the opposite side of the library, with the sun setting to my right (most shots are from the quad on the other side of the library, with the sun setting to your left). I parked along the side of the road, walked across the street, and literally set up my Nikon D750 and tripod right there on the side of the road!

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