Flash Modifier Comparison - Nikon D750, Natural Light, F4, 1/640, 24mm

Flash Modifier Comparison

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I picked up some new flash modifier equipment today, and wanted to run some tests to outline the different impacts and effects they had when shooting with them in harsh light conditions (like midday shoots). So I let Molly out of her bag (yes, I named my mannequin!), set her up, and performed some tests for everyone to compare! I always like to practice different techinques and styles whenever possible, and each of the sample shots that I took illustrated some slight differences that may not be visible to everyone. I won’t comment on any of the variances, as everyone is entitled to their different perspectives and styles!

For my test, I set up my Nikon D750 on a tripod and locked in all my settings. All shots were taken with my Nikon NIKKOR 24-120mm at 24mm, F4, 100ISO. The first round of shots were taken through the natural glass with a shutter speed of 1/640, and the second round of shots were taken with a Hoya ND8 filter attached to the lens and a shutter speef of 1/60. Molly was positioned on a tripod 8 feet away from my camera under direct sunlight with light clouds, and the various flash modifiers were off camera on a tripod 45 degrees to my left. All photos are labeled with their respective settings. Enjoy!

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