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How to Really Start Your Learning Journey in Photography and Have Your Work Evolve

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The beauty of art… there are no rules, no curriculum, no set path that you must follow in order achieve what you aspire to be. While the freedom to learn as you wish at your own pace is great, a little guidance and direction didn’t hurt anyone. In this article, I’ll explain further. I’d like to share some thoughts looking …

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How to add a watermark to your photos quickly and easily using Photoshop CC Actions

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One of the first things I wanted to learn how to do as an amateur photographer was how to protect my images from being downloaded and distributed without my permission. Although I consider myself a quick learner and fairly savvy when it comes to learning new applications, I’d heard all the horror stories about how complex and intimidating Photoshop can …

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Understanding Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO in Digital Photography for Proper Exposure

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Most of us grew up with point and shoot cameras (yes, I’m talking about our smartphones!) that didn’t ask us what we wanted the end result to look like. Simply point the camera, press the button, and viola… you have a picture! In today’s Instagram world, we can even select from a series of preset filters (based on your phone …

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Opted for the Nikon D3300 instead of the D3200

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Here’s a quick update on my launch into photography as a hobby: after a little further research, I opted to spend a few dollars more and purchased the Nikon D3300 instead of the D3200 that I was originally planning on getting. The primary reasons I opted to move up to the D3300 were: Shoots about 30% faster fps (5fps vs. …