Never Been Photographed Before?

At Jerry Roxas Photography, Videography & Entertainment, our goal is to capture the emotions and magic of the moment for our clients. To help ensure we take the best images for you, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Relax, this is all about you, and not us!
  • Always keep your weight on the foot that is furthest away from the camera.
  • Bring your ears slightly forward 🙂
  • Try to avoid having your arms straight down whenever possible.
  • Always look into the lens of the camera, unless instructed otherwise.
  • Turn your shoulders slightly to avoid standing square to the camera, unless specifically asked to.
  • Think about the moment, what brought you here, and what you want to share!

We’ll give you a little guidance and help you with positioning as needed, but we’ll really be focused on capturing the real you as much as possible. We’re looking forward to our session!

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Posing Tips

Click on any of the links below to view helpful and useful posing tips for our clients. New tips are added regularly, so please be sure to check back often!

San Diego engagement, wedding, portrait and lifestyle photographer, Jerry Roxas Photography, is a boutique photography studio offering San Diego clients the very best photographer experience in capturing unique, creative, emotional and artistic moments. As a photographic artist, Jerry Roxas is anything but your average photographer; he stands apart from other studios through his unique approach to photography composition and his utmost attention towards his clients’ experience in working with Jerry Roxas Photography. Best known for his fusion style of photojournalism and modern portraiture, this San Diego lifestyle photographer will work tirelessly to give you the exposure and professional presentation that you deserve. Through various scenarios & techniques, his vision is always apparent: utilizing various angles, composition techniques and post production methods to enhance the appeal of your final images. And that’s exactly what Jerry Roxas Photography is all about: Feeling, Capturing and Sharing What Matters to You.