Shot From the Edge™

Jerry Roxas, Photojournalist for Shot From the Edge™Shot From the Edge™ is a photographic series by photojournalist Jerry Roxas to highlight the unseen beauty that can be seen almost anywhere less than 50 feet from the road. This series of photos draws attention to the fact that you don’t need to be physically fit or travel far to experience and capture amazing images.

Having been a successful entrepreneur, Jerry was blessed to have lived a pretty wonderful life, filled with opportunities to experience and travel to numerous places throughout the world. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your view!), Jerry suffered sudden heart failure in early 2014 that required him to undergo a quadruple bypass. This was followed up by several years of medical issues, ranging from bladder disease to diabetes, and culminating in a diagnosis of kidney cancer in 2016. Through his long road to recovery, he begain to view the world (and his purpose) in a very different light.

Now a full time photographer, Jerry focuses most of his time on enjoying and sharing the little things in life that matter most. When he’s not shooting weddings, events, portraits, products and headshots to pay the bills, he spends his time capturing stirring images to tell the story of what the world has to offer right here and now, for those willing to open their eyes and take a look. And through his continual recovery, Jerry has come to realize that some people may feel like they’re not physically or financially capable of traveling to experience such beauty.

Shot From the Edge™ is a photographic series designed to highlight what can be seen by almost anyone, as ALL shots are taken no more than 50 feet from the road. Please, enjoy!

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Geisel Library at UCSD Shot From the Edge by Jerry Roxas Photography

Geisel Library, UCSD, La Jolla

Geisel Library at UCSD is an architectural marvel, and if you search online you’ll find thousands of photos of this beautiful structure. Although I have two sisters that have graduated from UCSD, I’ve never taken ...
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W Palm St Pedestrian Bridge Shot From the Edge by Jerry Roxas Photography

W Palm St Pedestrian Bridge, San Diego

I’d seen photos taken from this bridge before, and was excited when my buddy Musa asked me if I wanted to go shoot it with him! The W Palm St pedestrian bridge is located right ...
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Miramar Overlook Park Shot From the Edge by Jerry Roxas Photography

Miramar Overlook Park, San Diego

Sometimes beauty can be found in the simplest of places, often overlooked in one's busy life. You can pass by it daily and never even notice it, caught up in monotonous thoughts of just living ...
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Spruce Street Suspension Bridge Shot From the Edge by Jerry Roxas Photography

Spruce Street Suspension Bridge, San Diego

Even though I was born and raised in San Diego, I had never heard of or been to the Spruce Street Suspension Bridge... how sad! It wasn't until a wedding client of mine sent me ...
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