Format & Delivery of Photos

Fotility and Jerry Roxas Photography shall provide its clients with their images in high resolution, digital format, in three (3) different sizes (additional charges may apply), as follows:

High Resolution, original, large format, cropped, camera output, 300dpi (camera image) – delivered via cdrom/usb (additional charges may apply)
Standard, 75% of Large (above), 300dpi (UPDIG standard for 13×9 reproductions) – via FREE, password protected link for downloading, AND via cdrom (additional charges may apply)
Web, 25% of Large (above), 300dpi – via cdrom (additional charges may apply). These images are compressed and perfect for distribution on social media profiles and via email. Fotility and Jerry Roxas Photography reserves the right to use these images for display on their website and social media profiles as well.

Client is free to have images reproduced in print format from a vendor of their choice, at their cost. Client may also request prints of their images directly from the Fotility and Jerry Roxas Photography website, for a nominal, additional charge.